The must-have book about Burnt Ends Restaurant, Singapore
It’s the ultimate foodie’s dream package!
368 pages
76 recipes (plus base recipes)
15 Techniques
Self-published by Burnt Ends
Writer Max Veenhuyzen
350 photographs by Per-Anders Jörgensen
Three paper stocks
Hard Cover

Chef Dave Pynt shares the culinary secrets of Burnt Ends Restaurant on 368 pages of smoking hot kitchen magic. Get ready to dive deep into the Burnt Ends universe, meet the cool people behind the scenes, soak up the crazy party vibes, and even catch a scent of that smoky goodness that’ll leave you buzzing with inspiration. Sure, you might not have the fancy ovens or grills at home, but after reading this book, we assure you, you either find a sudden urge to go to Singapore or you just might find yourself cooking up a fire, Burnt Ends style.

In these pages, Chef Dave Pynt, with the Australian culinary writer Max Veenhuyzen, dishes out the details on hot smoking, cold smoking, torching, ashing, heat-touching, burning, charring, slow-roasting, hot roasting and, of course, all different techniques around grilling. And that’s not all! You’ve also got a treasure trove of 76 recipes for iconic Burnt Ends dishes (plus base recipes) Plus, there’s a visual feast of 350 jaw-dropping photos by Fool Magazine’s Per-Anders Jörgensen, a manga by Ryan Inzana and illustrations by Ien Levin. All of this comes wrapped in a slick hardcover design, printed on three different paper stocks.

This is not just a book about a restaurant; it's a culinary journey that will inspire and empower both seasoned chefs and home cooks alike. Dive into the world of Burnt Ends, and discover the secrets and stories behind the restaurant's success, all while igniting your own passion for anything Burnt Ends style.